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(NewsUSA) - Lobster WarsLobster Wars by Mark E. Greene

A tight, fast-paced social satire about what happens when reality TV comes to a small fishing village in Maine. The locals think they’re going to get famous and rich. But it’s never that easy -- especially when Connor Nichols, a telegenic outsider, a guy from “away,” gets a lobster fishing license and horns in on their good fortune.

The TV show airs to great ratings, only increasing the pressure, prompting a few unsavory characters to do anything they can to get in on the action. With filming about to begin, everything now hinges on season two. But it’s reality TV—what could go wrong? From an award-winning author with an offbeat sense of humor and a sharp eye for the absurd. Purchase at


promiseThe Promise of America by William Sanchez

Born in Spanish Harlem to Cuban refugee parents, Will Sanchez has represented marginalized communities ever since he graduated from Georgetown Law. Having served the country as a White House appointee and Special Counsel shortly after 9/11, he recently ran for U.S. Senate in Florida as a progressive with bold ideas for America’s future. 

The Promise of America guides readers through personal family stories as well as broader topics touching on America’s promise for the future and the absolute need to protect and strengthen the democracy. “My background had a great impact on my respect for America’s cherished principles. The recent attacks on our democracy inspired me to get more directly involved in trying to secure that America as nation will be greater in the future than it is now.  Purchase at


BurntBurned Out by Dean Mafako

Eric Philson came to the Children's Hospital of Biloxi with a goal ― to build the cardiac intensive care unit from the ground up. The physician faces insurmountable odds: the devastating aftereffects of a hurricane, deprivation of essential staff and resources, and a cardiac surgeon resistant to change. 

Dr. Philson will do whatever it takes to help improve the care for children, until the job begins to take a toll on his free time, marriage, and health. How much is he willing to sacrifice? Working hundred-hour weeks, overcoming the impossible, and facing personal ruin are only the start of what he will face. Does he have the grit and determination to do what's right, even if it costs him everything? Purchase at


LearnDid We Learn Anything from WTC Towers Collapse?...  By Gregory Szuladzinski

The most extensive investigation of the event was made by NIST, a government-funded institution. The most glaring error was to treat the fireballs associated with aircraft impacts as merely a fuel-burning action and ignoring the devastating pressure impulse involved.

NIST reports describe in detail the condition of the structure prior to collapse. It is said that a high-temperature softening of steel was responsible for the initiation of collapse, but such an explanation is suitable for an engineering student, not for a large team of specialists. What was needed was the exact sequence of element failures, because only from it can we learn about the design's weaknesses.

Another flaw was the lack of comprehensive treatment of thermal insulation. There was no awareness of the fact that too thick insulation may fall off under impact conditions. Purchase at


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